Putin Makes Obama an Offer He Can’t Refuse

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Why is John Kerry so eager to convene an emergency summit on Syria now when the war has been dragging on for four and a half years?

Is he worried that Russia’s air campaign is wiping out too many US-backed jihadis and sabotaging Washington’s plan to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad?

You bet, he is. No one who’s been following events in Syria for the last three weeks should have any doubt about what’s really going on.  Russia has been methodically wiping out Washington’s mercenaries on the ground while recapturing large swathes of land that had been lost to the terrorists.  That, in turn, has strengthened Assad’s position in Damascus and left the administration’s policy in tatters.  And that’s why Kerry wants another meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pronto even though the two diplomats met less than a week ago.   The Secretary of State is hoping to cobble together some kind of makeshift deal that will stop the killing and salvage what’s left of Uncle Sam’s threadbare Syrian project.

On Tuesday…

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Το μήνυμα του Προκόπη Παυλόπουλου για τη δωρεά οργάνων



«Η δωρεά οργάνων, ιστών και κυττάρων μετά θάνατον και οι συναφείς μεταμοσχεύσεις συνιστούν την ιδεώδη συνύπαρξη ανάμεσα στον αρχαίο Ελληνικό Πολιτισμό, που έχει ως επίκεντρο τον Άνθρωπο, και στην Χριστιανική Διδασκαλία,

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Russia’s «No-Fly Zone» Prevents U.S., Israel, UK From Bombing Syria

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
October 28, 2015

It appears that, after a few weeks of Russian bombing in Syria, a new kind of “no-fly zone” seems to have been established. However, this “no-fly zone” is not focused on preventing Syrian planes and military forces from operating inside the country. Instead, it functions as a barrier to Israeli and American air forces seeking to enter Syria through the Mediterranean Sea in order to support terrorists and jihadists against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

This is because of Russia’s Naval presence in the port of Tartus and its new presence just off the coast of Latakia, particularly with ships like the guided missile cruiser Moscow. The ship left Crimea on September 24 and is part of what Russian media is referring to as training exercises.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has stated,

In the course of the training activity, the Russian…

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Top Saudi Royals Struggle for Power as War on Yemen Causes Budget Deficit

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Local Editor

Saudi King and heir NayefA power struggle is emerging between Saudi Arabia’s two most powerful princes, analysts and diplomats say, as the secretive kingdom confronts some of its biggest challenges in years.

«The Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen, falling oil prices and rising extremist violence are putting the country’s leadership to the test, nine months after King Salman assumed the throne following the death of king Abdullah,» Agence France Presse news agency stated in an analytical report Friday.

The kingdom’s rulers have also faced criticism for last month’s hajj tragedy which, according to foreign officials, killed more than 2,200 people in a stampede at the annual Muslim pilgrimage.

The report said that running for power inside the House of Saud has intensified between the two designated heirs, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the king’s 56-year-old nephew, and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 30, is Salman’s son.

«Mohammed bin Nayef is interior…

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US military revolt against Obama’s decision to “support Al Qaeda in Syria

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Image Source: reseauinternational.netImage Source: reseauinternational.net

A military revolt against the plan of the Obama administration to launch a potentially disastrous attack against Syria is gathering pace, with two senior officers and members of scheduled services who express their vehement opposition to what the United States s ‘entangled in the conflict. The reaction began to spread on social media yesterday with many military posting pictures of themselves holding up signs saying they would refuse to fight on the same side as Al Qaeda in Syria. Others have posted their photos on Twitter with the hashtag #IdidntJoin.

As the Obama administration prepares to present a draft resolution to legislators is far from “limited” in scope and would actually grease the skids for a war of indefinite duration, John Kerry and other officials State Department reported that Obama will simply ignore Congress if the vote…

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