Britain to Vote on Bombing Syria: There Are Thousands of Reasons Not to


Britain to Vote on Bombing Syria: There Are Thousands of Reasons Not to

cameronOn Friday, Prime Minister David Cameron stood up in Parliament and told all the MPs how very important it was that the United Kingdom joined the orgy of bombing Syria. He is closely following Tony Blair’s path to Iraq, using fear of ‘terrorism’, exaggerating so-called ‘intelligence’ and wanting desperately to be seen as a tough leader. In a few days MPs will hold a vote on this and he’s sent them all home to ‘think it over’ during the weekend.

There are many reasons why Members of Parliament should not vote in favour of bombing Syria. The most obvious reason is that it would simply be immoral, if only because totally innocent civilians would be killed, injured, maimed, made homeless, parentless or childless. But ‘voting with your conscience’ often seems to include military might.

Those who favour…

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EU may give an open invitation to ISIS terrorists with a visa-free offer to Turkey


EU May Introduce Visa-Free Regime With Turkey in Autumn 2016

The European Union will introduce a visa-free regime with Turkey in autumn 2016, in case Ankara meets all outstanding requirements, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Sunday.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – Earlier, President of the European Council Donald Tusk stated that the European Union and Turkey at a meeting in Brussels on Sunday approved a joint plan to boost negotiations on its membership in the bloc.

«If all conditions are met, I think that visa liberalization could take effect in the autumn of 2016,» Juncker told reporters after an EU-Turkey meeting in Brussels.

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France begins censoring «alternate views»


France Starts Shutting Down Alternative Media

Every time there’s a huge terrorist threat, the public gives up their freedoms for protection from the Government. And every time, our leaders use these new laws to destroy civil liberties.

What happened to ordinary French people (and their way of life) after the recent Paris attacks? All the mainstream media are concerned with 10 days after the event is making sure that public support for the increased war effort is high. We need more footage of ambulances, their sirens blaring and lights flashing. Put it on loop, 24 hours a day, with sad images of people crying and laying wreaths, then throw in some fear in the form of some ugly-looking jihadists, and the population will be cheering on another foreign mission in no time at all.

While all that’s going on, the Government invariably rush through tougher new laws against terrorism. And if…

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Playing with fire: Labour MPs who use Syria to undermine Jeremy Corbyn


Playing with fire: Labour MPs who use Syria to undermine Jeremy Corbyn

Is Labour really going to risk once again being tarred as a party of illegal and irrational war, as it was after Tony Blair’s war on Iraq?

Hilary Benn, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, told the BBC he thought David Cameron’s case for bombing Syria was ‘compelling’.

The issue of Syria is being used as the thin edge to stage a coup against Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s (overwhelmingly) elected leader.

This week Labour MPs are likely to have to cast what will be one of the most important parliamentary votes of their career when the Prime Minister brings his proposal for Britain to join the bombing of Syria to the Commons.

It will be vital for two reasons. The first and most important is that Labour once again risks being tarred as a party of illegal and irrational war.


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israel still violating Syrian airspace in support of terrorists


Israel Air Force strikes targets in Syria near Lebanese border

Israel has reportedly hit area in the past which has served as a major transit point for Hezbollah fighters, equipment.

The Israel Air Force attacked Syrian army and Hezbollah targets in the area around Qalamoun in Syria overnight Saturday, Israel Radio reported citing Syrian forces.

The Lebanese media outlet Almustaqbal reported that there were dead and wounded Hezbollah fighters in the attack which hit the area close to the Lebanese border.

Last week, Israel reportedly attacked targets in the same area of Syria.

In that attack, the sources claimed that 13 Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters were killed and dozens were wounded, including four seriously.

Qalamoun has been a major transit point for Hezbollah fighters and other logistical equipment to and from Syria.

In October, Syrian media reported Israeli fighter jets attacked numerous Hezbollah targets in the South of Syria…

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How Uncle Sam Seeded Global Jihad and Cultivates It to This Day


How Uncle Sam Seeded Global Jihad and Cultivates It to This Day

From Afghanistan to Syria… They sow the cyclone and we reap the blowback

Originally appeared at Medium

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” — Hosea 8:7

It may be surprising to hear, but it is a plain historical fact that modern international jihad originated as an instrument of US foreign policy. The “great menace of our era” was built up by the CIA to wage a proxy war against the Soviets.

A 1973 coup in Afghanistan installed a new secular government that, while not fully communist, was Soviet-leaning. That was a capital offense from the perspective of America’s Cold War national security state, at the time headed by Henry Kissinger.

Conveniently for Kissinger, the dirt poor country was sandwiched between two US client states: Pakistan to the east and Iran (then still ruled by the CIA-installed Shah)…

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Boko Haram appears to have a “diplomatic” presence with the Saudi headchoppers


Boko Haram’s International Connections

Author(s): Jacob Zenn

Since carrying out its first attack under Abubakar Shekau’s leadership in September 2010, Boko Haram has unleashed a wave of violence in northern Nigeria, mostly targeted against government personnel and security officers, Muslim politicians and traditional Muslim religious leaders, and Christians.[1] Although the insurgency began as a local movement in northeastern Nigeria’s Borno State, since August 2011 there have been increasing signs of international collaboration between Boko Haram and militants outside Nigerian territory, such as in Borno State’s border region, northern Mali, the Sahel, Somalia and other countries in the Muslim world. As a result of these international connections, Boko Haram, which in 2009 was known as a “machete-wielding mob,” has now matched—and even exceeded—the capabilities of some al-Qa`ida affiliates, while also incorporating al-Qa`ida ideology into the locally driven motives for the insurgency in northern Nigeria.

This article examines Boko Haram’s international…

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israel is the main recipient of oil from the ISIS terrorists via Turkey


Raqqa’s Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel

Oil produced by the Islamic State group finances its bloodlust. But how is it extracted, transported and sold? Who is buying it, and how does it reach Israel? Oil produced from fields under the control of the Islamic State group is at the heart of a new investigation by al-Araby al-Jadeed. The black gold is extracted, transported and sold, providing the armed group with a vital financial lifeline.

But who buys it? Who finances the murderous brutality that has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria? How does it get from the ground to the petrol tank, and who profits along the way?The Islamic State group uses millions of dollars in oil revenues to expand and manage vast areas under its control, home to around five million civilians.IS sells Iraqi and Syrian oil for a very low price to Kurdish…

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Ερώτηση προς EKT και Ντράγκι: «Πότε θα μετάσχει η Ελλάδα στο πρόγραμμα ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης;»

Δημήτρης Παπαδημούλης

Dimitrios PAPADIMOULISΕρώτηση προς τον Πρόεδρο της Ευρωπαϊκής Κεντρικής Τράπεζας κατέθεσε ο Αντιπρόεδρος του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου και Ευρωβουλευτής του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, Δημήτρης Παπαδημούλης, αναφορικά με την ένταξη της Ελλάδας στο πρόγραμμα ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης.

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