Hezbollah: ‘Israel’ Fate Will Be on Table If It Launches War against Lebanon

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July 3, 2017

Head of Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammad Raad
Head of Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammad Raad
 Head of Hezbollah parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammad Raad stressed that the Resistance has prepared what will put ‘Israel’ fate on table if it launches a war against Lebanon, adding that the takfiri scheme was carried out in the region to let the Zionist entity get ready for the upcoming military confrontation.

In a statement issued on Monday, MP Raad noted that Hezbollah confronted the terrorists and simultaneously kept ready for any Zionist war, pointing out that the Israeli officials do know that the enemy army can never have the enough military capabilities to defeat the Resistance.

“The Zionist maneuvers in Galilee aim to raise their soldiers’ morale.”

‘Israel’ failed to defeat Hezbollah when its military existence was in southern Lebanon only, so the Zionist enemy will be surely unable to face the Resistance after it has…

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