John Pilger slams Mainstream silence re Apartheid israel crimes: #FreePalestine

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John Pilger slams Mainstream silence re Apartheid Israel crimes: Free Palestine
by : Dr Gideon Polya

Outstanding expatriate Australian journalist John Pilger has written a powerful demand for Palestinian human rights on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the illegal, war criminal Israeli seizure of all of Palestine and the violent kidnapping of the Occupied Palestinians , presently 4.7 million with half of them Occupied Palestinian children (see John Pilger, “John Pilger on why Palestine is still the issue:, New Matilda, 10 July 2017:… ) .

After recounting shocking stories from the Occupied Palestinian experience , John Pilger roundly condemns the mendacious, racist, pro-Zionist and pro-Apartheid Mainstream media : “For Palestinians, these will be familiar stories. The question is: why are they not familiar in London and Washington, Brussels and Sydney? In Syria, a recent liberal cause – a George Clooney cause – is bankrolled handsomely in Britain…

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