Hezbollah denounces all the repressive measures taken by the Zionist enemy against al-Aqsa Mosque and the worshippers

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17-07-2017 | 14:20

Local Editor

Hezbollah issued the following statement:

Hezbollah Flag

Hezbollah hailed the blessed jihadi operation carried out by three Palestinian heroes at al-Aqsa Mosque.

During the operation, the Palestinian heroes had been martyred after a number of «Israeli» soldiers had been killed.

In its statement, Hezbollah said, «This brave operation is the result of the deep rooted Resistance and a proof of al-Aqsa Mosque’s rank in the hearts of Palestinians.»

Al-Aqsa «is a steppingstone for the war against the occupation,» the group stated, adding that «on this land, Resistance fighters offer their lives cheaply to liberate the land and restore dignity and independence.»

Hezbollah further noted that «What the sons of the al-Jabbarine family – Mohammad, Mohammad and Mohammad – did is a mighty act by all standards.»

«An act to be followed by all those with proud spirits who reject…

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