Morcheeba: Please don’t give comfort to the oppressor

Artists for Palestine UK

Artists for Palestine UK is dismayed that  despite the unlawful and calculated* massacre of 21  people (to date) during the march by refugees in trapped inside Gaza only days ago – it appears that the duo that make up British trip-hop outfit Morcheeba, are still intent on entertaining audiences in Tel Aviv next month. As we make our letter to Morcheeba public, we still hope that Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey will connect with Palestinians in the UK or on the ground in Palestine-Israel, or indeed with ourselves, before proceeding with business-as-usual under this deeply racist and brutal Apartheid regime.
*According to NGOs Human Rights Watch and B’tselem

Dear Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey,

We are writing to you from Artists for Palestine UK, –  a network of artists, who support and promote Palestinian rights. We’ve noticed that you are listed to play in Tel Aviv on May 26th and…

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