Filmmakers, journalists and artists call on cinemas to reject Israel sponsored festival

Artists for Palestine UK

Maxine Peake, Liam Cunningham, Juliet Stevenson,  barrister and broadcaster Helena Kennedy, directors Mike Leigh, Peter Kosminky and Ken Loach, and are among those saying that cinemas are providing a platform for “a regime that is guilty of systematic and large-scale human rights violations”.  They have signed an open letter in The Guardian protesting the hosting of  the Seret London Israeli Film and TV Festival in UK cinemas, due to the involvement of the Israeli Embassy.  Full letter and signatories below.

The director of the award winning feature ‘In Between’, one of the films programmed by the Israel-sponsored festival, has also signed the letter. The festival claims to reflect Israel as a “melting pot of cultures and religions”. But Maysaloun Hamoud, who is a Palestinian citizen of Israel, has withdrawn her film, and in a statement to Artists for Palestine UK said: I do…

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