Ahed #Tamimi Comes Home From the Apartheid State to Great Joy but Also Reminders of Pain

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Ahed Tamimi Comes Home to Great Joy but Also Reminders of Pain

Some eight months after Nariman and Ahed’s imprisonment, the Israeli authorities are unhappy with the status that the prisoners and the Tamimi family achieved as symbols of the Palestinian resistance.

NABI SALEH, PALESTINE  — “All Palestine’s Children are Ahed Tamimi,” Nariman Tamimi said in an interview after the much-publicized mother and daughter were released from an Israeli prison on July 29. Ahed Tamimi’s mother said this in response to the tremendous amount of coverage that her daughter’s arrest and subsequent release received. Nariman said that, unlike with the arrests of other Palestinian children, Ahed received so much support and attention from the West perhaps because “she looks like their children.” She also did not hide the fact that she thought there was an element of racism in the support for Ahed, who has a distinct…

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