Israel Air Strikes on Gaza: The UK Has Licensed Over £340 Million of Arms to israel (apartheid state) Since 2014 Bombing Campaign

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Israel Air Strikes on Gaza: The UK Has Licensed Over £340 Million of Arms to Israel Since 2014 Bombing Campaign

By CAAT – Campaign Against Arms Trade

Israeli military air strikes on Gaza  killed at least three people last night, including a pregnant woman and her 18 month old daughter.

This follows months of increased tensions and atrocities: including shootings at protests on the Gaza border in May 2018. Reports from health officials in Gaza say that Israeli forces have killed at least 154 Palestinians since March 30 when protests began.

Despite ongoing atrocities, and  the threat of full blown war, UK arms sales to Israel have continued unabated.

Since the ‘Operation Protective Edge’ military campaign, the UK has licensed  over £340 million worth of arms to Israel. Licences include components for drones, combat aircraft and helicopters. 2017 saw a £183 million licences for ‘technology for military radars.’


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