Gaza Protester Photo Compared To Iconic French Revolution Painting

Rebel Voice

Palestine grows heroes and heroines. That troubled and storied land grows them strong and many. Unfortunately it has to. In Gaza, the people fight for their dignity. They fight for their rights. They fight for their lives. The press are there to document this war for survival as citizens struggle to counter the fascist aggression of the rogue state of Israel. In those records, many images emerge that both thrill and shock. Children standing in defiance of a tank. Teenagers waving their national flag in face of Zionist bullets and gas. Men and women who are undaunted as they challenge the dark might of the forces of Israel.

Now, one image has gone viral. It is that of a young man clutching a Palestinian flag as he fires a stone from a sling at his enemies. Ironically, there is something almost biblical about the scene. It also demonstrates perfectly the…

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