The Lobby – USA – Episode 3 – Zionist Schemes And Twisted Dreams

Rebel Voice

Following on from episodes 1 and 2, Rebel Voice is pleased to present part 3 of the groundbreaking documentary that reveals the shady world of Israeli scheming in all its dark and malign majesty in the United States of America.

The first two shows in this 4 part series demonstrated the dirty tactics used by the pro-Israel lobby to discredit those who would support Palestinian human rights, as well as their methods for ensuring that the US taxpayer continues to fund the Zionist entity in the Middle East, even as citizens of the US suffer from a lack of government investment.

In this episode, ‘Tony’, the undercover reporter heading the investigation, finds out about the money behind such shady groups as Canary Mission and The Israel Project. It’s revealed that Adam Milstein, a convicted felon, is responsible for providing funding for both.

The program looks at more of…

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