Arab Analyst: Assad’s Visit to Tehran Hits Severe Blow to US-Israeli-Arab Alliance زيارة الأسد إلى إيران… تتويج لانتصار حلف المقاومة وسقوط أهداف الحرب الإرهابية


Arab Analyst: Assad's Visit to Tehran Hits Severe Blow to US-Israeli-Arab Alliance

Arab Analyst: Assad’s Visit to Tehran Hits Severe Blow to US-Israeli-Arab Alliance

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Arab analyst described the Monday visit by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Tehran as a new stage in relations between Iran and Syria, saying that it showed failure of the US-Israeli-Arab coalition.

«The trip by Bashar Assad to Tehran hit a painful blow and heavy defeat at the alliance among the US, the Zionists and the reactionary Arab countries because their most important goal that has been launching a terrorist and global war against Syria was breaking the alliance between Syria and Iraq,» Hassan Hardan was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language al-Nashrah news website on Wednesday.

He referred to the US proposal, mediated by Saudi Arabia, to Assad to desist from his relations with Iran, and said the Syrian president’s visit was the peak of victories of the resistance front against the terrorists…

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رتجاجات شرق البحر المتوسط والعالم في شبه القارة الهندية


فبراير 28, 2019

محمد صادق الحسيني

ليس مستغرباً أن تصل تبعات التحوّلات الاستراتيجية الكبرى في غرب آسيا وشرق البحر المتوسط إلى الساحة الهندية لتوقظ نزاعاً تاريخياً وجغرافياً وسياسياً مريراً حول مصائر شعوب وأقوام شبه القارة الهندية من جديد…!

قد يكون العامل المباشر في التصعيد الجاري حالياً بين دولتي شبه القارة الهندية النوويتين هو التفجيرات الأخيرة التي حصلت في الهند والتي وجهت نيودلهي أصابع الاتهام فيها الى حكومة إسلام آباد، لكن هذا ليس هو أصل الحكاية، فالرواية الحقيقية لا تكتمل إلا بقراءة بعض فصولها المحجوبة عن الأنظار بسبب صراع الإرادات الإقليمية والدولية المحيطة بالدولتين اللدودتين…!

فرغم كلّ التعثر الذي يرافق إعادة صياغة السلطة في الباكستان على قواعد جديدة بعيدة عن المعسكر الوهابي الإرهابي إقليمياً والامبريالي دولياً من بعد فوز عمران خان برئاسة الحكومة هناك، فإنّ محاولة الصعود الباكستاني المستقلّ نسبياً عن دوائر القرار الدولي أثار ولا يزال حفيظة الهند الخصم اللدود لدولة المسلمين الجديدة الدخول الى نادي لعبة الأمم منذ نهاية…

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The Saker interviews Jorge Valero, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela



February 19, 2019

[This interview was made for the Unz Review]

I am continuing to try to understand what is really happening in Venezuela by talking to those who actually know that and, following my interview with Michael Hudson, it is today it is my immense privilege and honor to present you with a full interview I made with His Excellency Mr. Jorge Valero, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

I am immensely grateful to Ambassador Valero for taking the time to answer my questions in extenso just a few days away from what might well turn out to be a US false flag or even invasion of Venezuela (promised to all by Trump and Guaido for the 23rd of February).  May God grant him and the Venezuelan people…

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UK Must Justify Hezbollah Ban Expansion – Labor Party


By Staff, Agencies

UK’s opposition Labor Party stressed on Tuesday that Home Secretary Sajid Javid had to provide evidence to justify his decision to widen a ban on Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement.

Britain said on Monday it plans to ban what it referred to as ‘all wings of Hezbollah due to its destabilizing influence in the Middle East’, branding the resistance movement as a ‘terrorist organization.’

«The Home Secretary must therefore now demonstrate that this decision was taken in an objective and impartial way, and driven by clear and new evidence, not by his leadership ambitions,» a Labor spokesman said.

Asked about the comments, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said it was for Labor to explain their decision.

«Hezbollah itself has publicly denied a distinction between its military and political wings,» the spokesman said.

The British ban, which will come into force on Friday subject to parliament’s approval, means…

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Arab Paper: Assad’s Visit to Iran Aimed at Making Strategic Decisions


Arab Paper: Assad's Visit to Iran Aimed at Making Strategic Decisions

TEHRAN (FNA)- A leading Arab newspaper stressed that the Monday visit by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Tehran indicated that Tehran and Damascus are preparing to take highly important decisions given the recent regional developments.
نتنياهو في موسكو: انتقاء الكلمات

«The balances and equations in the region, specially in Syria, are in a sensitive stage and they need decisions at a level that necessitated the meeting between Assad and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei,» Nasser Qandil, a prominent Arab analyst, wrote in the Arabic-language Lebanese newspaper al-Binaa on Tuesday.

He added that the trip was also made as time is ticking for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to find a way out of the dire situation in Idlib to prevent the Syrian army’s military operations against the terrorists in the province.

The analyst wrote that Assad’s meetings with the highest-ranking Iranian officials also came at a time when the US…

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Cohen’s Explosive Testimony: Trump A Racist, Conman


By Staff

US Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen arrived on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to deliver explosive testimony before a Congressional oversight committee, blasting the US president as a «racist», a «conman» and a «cheat» who committed wrongdoing as a candidate and as president.

In his opening remarks to the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Cohen – who has been sentenced to jail for crimes related in part to his work for Trump – expressed regret for his past loyalty.

«I am ashamed that I chose to take part in concealing Mr. Trump’s illicit acts rather than listening to my own conscience,» Cohen said. «I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is.»

«He is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat,” he stated.

«I regret the day I said “yes” to Mr. Trump. I regret all the help and support I gave him along…

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Britain and Hezbollah: The House of Commons under “Israeli” Tutelage! بريطانيا وحزب الله: مجلس العموم تحت الوصاية الإسرائيلية!


Britain and Hezbollah: The House of Commons under “Israeli” Tutelage!

By al-Akhbar Newspaper, Translated by Staff

The UK’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid tabled a draft resolution on Tuesday to include Hezbollah’s political wing on the terror list. The issue was debated within the British House of Commons amid a clear split between the conservatives supporting the resolution and some Labor MPs who asked Javid to explain the reasoning behind the move.

It is clear that the British minister of Pakistani origin, who has ties with a lobby of “Israel’s” friends, is seeking to appease Jewish voters in his quest to reach the premiership at Theresa May’s expense as she faces difficulties in the government and within the ruling Conservative Party. After he was appointed home secretary, Javid exclaimed that if he were to live with his children in any country other than Britain, he would choose “Israel”!

Meanwhile, the…

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الفساد :حزب الله يعلن معركته «الوجودية»


الثلاثاء 26 شباط 2019

«ليبانون ديبايت» – علاء الخوري

على مدى أكثر من ثلاثين عاما، لم يدخل حزب الله في معركة صعبة مثل تلك التي دخلها اليوم تحت عنوان «مكافحة الفساد»، هي حرب ليست ككل الحروب الميدانية التي راكمها الحزب منذ انطلاقته في اوائل ثمانينات القرن الماضي، فالأساليب التي سيعتمدها اليوم ستكون جديدة على من حمل السلاح بوجه اسرائيل والارهاب، وتكتيكاتها الحربية لا تعتمد على التضاريس والمقومات البدنية، بل الى اسلحة من نوع آخر ليست في متناول اليد، ويُعول على قدرتها في هزيمة السلوك «المنحرف» للمواطن اللبناني وتربى عليه على مدى عقود.

حزب الله اليوم أمام معركة وامتحان صعب جدا يمكنه أن يفعل ما لم تستطع فعله اسرائيل وغيرها، وهنا كل شيء على «المحك».. هي معركة «الثقة» التي اختار الحزب أن يخوضها وجها لوجه مع الطبقة السياسية المستحكمة في البلد فهل سيهزمها؟

لن يكون سهلا على السيد حسن نصرالله الخروج من هذه المعركة «خالي الوفاض»، فالسيد أمام الرأي العام اللبناني…

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Νέες βαριές ποινικές διώξεις σε βαθμό κακουργήματος για την παρέα του #ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ #σκαΝΔαλα



Και νέες βαριές ποινικές διώξεις σε βαθμό κακουργήματος για την παρέα του ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ για μια ακόμα δικογραφία για παράνομες προσλήψεις στο ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ.

Βαριά κακουργήματα για πέντε από τους πάλαι ποτέ… κουμανταδόρους του ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ

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«Πολιτική συμμορία» του Νίκου Μωραΐτη @NikosMoraitis


Η ΝΔ είναι πλέον μία πολιτική συμμορία που καλύπτει τους πάντες, από μιζαδόρους και δωρολήπτες μέχρι – φευ! – κατάδικους για ασέλγεια εις βάρος ανηλίκων. Αρχηγός της δεν θα μπορούσε να είναι άλλος. Αρχηγός μιας συμμορίας μπορεί να είναι μόνο ο πιο σεσημασμένος.

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