US Commission: Saudi Arabia Is Top Violator of Religious Freedom


By Staff, MEE

The US State Department designated Saudi Arabia as one of the world’s «worst violators» of religious freedoms, even as Riyadh remains one of Washington’s top allies in the region.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom [USCIRF] released its 2019 report on Monday listing Saudi Arabia in the tier one category of countries that implement severe violations of religious freedom.

The annual report, released by the bipartisan organization created two decades ago, highlights the discrimination that Shia Muslims and Christians face in the country.

«Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia continue to face discrimination in education, employment, and the judiciary, and lack access to senior positions in the government and military,” the 234-page report said.

“As a matter of law, the Saudi government bans the public practice of non-Muslim faiths by citizens and expatriates alike. While the Saudi government has stated repeatedly that non-Muslims who are not converts…

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US Army Terrorists, Allied Militants Killed in Several Blasts in Raqqa


Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:13
US Army Terrorists, Allied Militants Killed in Several Blasts in Raqqa
US Army Terrorists, Allied Militants Killed in Several Blasts in Raqqa
TEHRAN (FNA)– A least two US Army terrorists and 20 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been killed in recent blasts and attacks on their military positions in the city of Raqqa.

The US Army terrorists were killed in a series of blasts in Raqqa City, including a bomb blast hitting a US Army military vehicle, the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV network reported.

The report also noted that 16 SDF fighters were killed in attacks and explosions against their military positions and patrols in Fonoun school, Shahid Bassel Street, areas near al-Baladi stadium, al-Qattar Street and near Electricity Company in Raqqa City.

The recent blasts and attacks have sparked tensions in the region.

In a relevant development earlier this monht, sources said the US Army deployed ISIL commanders and terrorists in the security bodies of…

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ISIL’s Baghdadi Refers to Syria Defeat in First Video in Five Years



April 30, 2019

ISIL Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The ISIL Takfiri group’s elusive supremo Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made his first purported appearance in five years in a propaganda video released Monday, acknowledging ISIL’s defeat in the Syrian town of Baghouz while threatening “revenge” attacks.

The world’s most wanted man was last seen in Mosul in 2014, announcing the birth of ISIL’s “caliphate” across swathes of Iraq and Syria, and appears to have outlived the proto-state.

In the video released by ISIL’s Al-Furqan media arm, the man said to be Baghdadi referred to the months-long fight for ISIL’s final redoubt Baghouz, which ended in March.

“The battle for Baghouz is over,” he said, sitting cross-legged on a cushion and addressing three men whose faces have been blurred.

He referred to a string of ISIL defeats, including its onetime Iraqi capital Mosul and Sirte in Libya, but insisted the Takfiri terrorists had not “surrendered” territory.


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طهران في مواجهة القرصان


أبريل 30, 2019

د. عدنان منصور

منذ وصوله إلى الرئاسة الأميركية، لم يتوقف هيجان الرئيس ترامب عن اتخاذ قراراته التعسفية ضد دول وحركات وشخصيات وطنية، ترفض الهيمنة الأميركية وإملاءاتها بكل أشكالها، وتحرص على سيادتها واستقلالية قرارها ونهجها الحر. فمن روسيا وإيران والصين وكوريا الشمالية مروراً بسورية وفنزويلا وكوبا ونيكاراغوا، وصولاً إلى حركات المقاومة ومناضليها في فلسطين ولبنان والعراق واليمن، يصرّ «الكاوبوي الأميركي» على تطويق الدول والحركات، ومعاقبة المقاومين للهيمنة والاحتلال، لأنهم يشكلون له ولعلمائه تحدياً مباشراً، يحبطون سياساته المتهورة، التي أفقدت الولايات المتحدة صدقيتها ونزاهتها، لعدم التزامها بالاتفاقيات الموقّعة من جانبها، وبالقوانين الدولية، وعدم الاكتراث بالأحكام وبميثاق الأمم المتحدة وهي تتعاطى مع دول العالم. إجراءات وقرارات وعقوبات وحصار يصبّ في كل الاتجاهات، يتخذها ترامب بكل عنجهية واستبداد، ضد هذه الدول، ظناً منه، أنه يستطيع لوي ذراعها، وحملها بالقوة على الإذعان لإرادته وسياساته. وما إيران إلا واحدة من هذه الدول، التي تجد نفسها، منذ قيام ثورتها عام 1979، أمام مواجهة شرسة…

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The electoral fuss is not a sign of strength … Israel is weaker than the cobweb الضجيج الانتخابي ليس قوة… «إسرائيل» أوهن من بيت العنكبوت


 The electoral fuss is not a sign of strength … Israel is weaker than the cobweb

أبريل 29, 2019

Written by Nasser Kandil,

When the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is satisfied with the explanations of the Egyptian mediator about the circumstances which led to Palestinian missiles on Tel Aviv because he fears going to war on the eve of the elections after it was an ideal electoral chance, and when neither the American gifts nor the Russian ones benefit in granting Netanyahu the secure decisive winning swaying between one vote and another against a new-born party formed by retired generals who did not present any new political vision, but they manipulate with the words of the Likud, and when Netanyahu begs the voters to go to the polls two hours before they are closed because the voters are not interested seriously in the elections and the participation is less…

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Gen. Suleimani: Iran Won’t Give in to US Pressure


April 29, 2019


Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) elite Quds force, Major General Qassem Suleimani

IRGC Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem SUleimani said that the United States aims to draw Iran to the negotiation table with increased economic pressure, but the Iranian nation will not give in.

He made the remarks Monday on the second day of the nationwide conference of Iranian Police commanders and managers in Tehran, Mehr news agency reported.

“The enemy wants to draw us to the negotiating table by imposing economic pressure. This kind of negotiation is just as good as giving in, but our people are vigilant and smart and believe that negotiating with the enemy in the current situation is a clear act of surrendering. We certainly will not bow to this ignominy,” he said

“Today, the US and its allies resort to relying on illegitimate governments in the region,” he said, adding that Iran’s military has “reached maturity.”

“The more the enemies threaten…

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This Happens In Saudi Arabia, but What Is Still Hidden Can Be Even Worse


Zeinab Daher

In an interview with religious cleric Sheikh Hassan Saleh, a resident of Awamia who has been outside his homeland since 2015, and currently lives in the Iranian city of Qom, home of the world’s largest center for Shia scholarship, al-Ahed News learned some information about how the families of detainees and martyrs are living, but we are quite sure that many brutal measures are still unlearned.

Following last week’s massacre during which the Saudi regime beheaded, executed and crucified a total of 37 men, falsely claiming that they practiced ‘acts of terror’ inside the kingdom, Sheikh Saleh told al-Ahed News some still unknown fact, hoping that they reach the world amid the total silence intended to take place inside the kingdom of terror.

Asked about the families of martyrs following the tragedy, Sheikh Saleh said they signed papers not to demand the bodies of their relatives.

“Any contact…

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Saudis destabilizing Middle East, paying for US-Israeli crimes: Hezbollah official


Sun Apr 28, 2019 06:1

Sheikh Naim Qassim, the deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, speaks at a ceremony in the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Fila on April 28, 2019. (Photo via Twitter) Sheikh Naim Qassim, the deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, speaks at a ceremony in the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Fila on April 28, 2019. (Photo via Twitter)

The deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has described Saudi Arabia as the root cause of instability in the Middle East, stating that the incumbent regime in Riyadh is sponsoring fiendish US and Israeli crimes in the region.

“Saudi officials are paying for American-Zionist crimes from the pockets of poor and impoverished people among other walks of society in the kingdom. Saudi rulers have turned the country into the kingdom of evil. Saudi money rests behind all crises and problems in the region, besides the agents that are on the American-Israeli side,” Arabic-language al-Ahed news website quoted Sheikh Naim Qassim as saying at a ceremony in the southern Lebanese town of Kfar…

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Shadow of Sarajevo 1914 Hangs Over Trump’s Golan Coup


Martin Sieff
April 26, 2019
Trump and Netanyahu still congratulate themselves on getting the United States to recognize Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights. They should not.

It looked like an absurd petty vanity in 1908 when the Austro-Hungarian Empire formally annexed the obscure Balkan provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Six years later that move set off the greatest war in human history and destroyed the old empire forever.

The Israelis have just made the same mistake in getting the United States under President Donald Trump to recognize their annexation of the Golan Heights.

Israel took control of the Golan Heights on June 11, 1967 after a fiercely fought war over the territory with Syria. Israeli settlements in the northern Jordan Valley directly below the Golan had been repeatedly shelled during the previous two decades of fragile peace. The Israelis were therefore determined to keep control of the…

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Hezbollah will Eventually Prevail over US Sanctions: Official



April 28, 2019

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush

A high-ranking Hezbollah official says the United States has slapped economic sanctions against the Lebanese resistance movement due to its bitter defeats from the group, stressing that Hezbollah will finally emerge victorious over the punitive measures.

Speaking at a ceremony in the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh, Vice President of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Sheikh Ali Damoush said Hezbollah will confront the US-led sanctions, and its enemies will definitely fail to achieve their goals.

“Hezbollah, which owes national and moral duties to defend and protect Lebanon against the aggression of the Zionist regime (of Israel), is also responsible for safeguarding the rights and interests of the Lebanese nation and helping prevent economic collapse in the country,” Damoush said.

He added, “The Lebanese resistance movement is targeted by financial sanctions, because it continues to thwart US-Israeli plots in the (Middle East) region. The US, Zionists and…

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