Hezbollah Will Respond to Israel: But When? How? And at What Cost?


By Elijah Magnier


Its Lebanon You Fools 0b60d

The “Axis of the Resistance” has been informed about Hezbollah’s intention to respond to Israel imminently, confirmed sources within the decision-making leadership. The main offices of militant leadership and all gathering of forces have been abandoned or forbidden, and a state of full alert has been declared in preparation for a possible Israeli decision to go to war. In Iran, Syria and Palestine, the finger is on the trigger. Is the Middle East going to war? Actually, it all depends on how far- and in which direction- the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to go: and the degree to which he will accept, or not, the hit back from Hezbollah.

This all snowballed when, from al-Ayen in the Bekaa Valley, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah launched his threat against Israel. He swore to down drones violating Lebanese sovereignty and threatened to kill Israelis. This…

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Lying for Israel: Why Nearly Everyone in Washington Does It


By Philip Giraldi


Reuven Rivlin Trump e8554

It is not often that one hears anything like the truth in today’s Washington, a city where the art of dissimulation has reached new heights among both Democrats and Republicans. Everyone who has not been asleep like Rip Van Winkle for the past twenty years knows that the most powerful foreign lobby operating in the United States is that of the state of Israel. Indeed, by some measures it just might be the most powerful lobby period, given the fact that it has now succeeded in extending its tentacles into state and local levels with its largely successful campaigns to punish criticism or boycotting of Israel while also infiltrating boards of education to require Holocaust education and textbooks that reflect favorably on the Jewish state.

Occasionally, however, the light does shine in darkness. The efforts by Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to challenge the power…

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The Saker interviews Max van der Werff about the MH-17 conspiracy


The Saker interviews Max van der Werff about the MH-17 conspiracy

August 28, 2019

Introduction: MH17 is to Novorussia, what the Markale (also see here) has been to Bosnia and Racak (also see here) has been to Kosovo: a typical false flag operation which pursued two goals: first, of course, to justify a military aggression and, second, to force everybody to chose one of two options: first, either pretend to believe the official narrative or, second, be vilified and discredited. From this perspective, the MH17 false flag has been a tremendous success, mostly due to the extremely successful lobotomy inflicted by the legacy Ziomedia on the western public opinion (I would argue that the Skripal fairy tale is even more self-evidently ridiculous than the MH17 fairy tale, and yet that was also swallowed hook line and sinker by most western “experts”). But then, we live in a post-9/11 world, in which neither facts nor logic matter much anymore…

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Lebanon’s Defense Minister: We’re Not Concerned about Pressure, Will Respond to Any ’Israeli’ Aggression


Fatima Salami

When “Israel” invaded Lebanon in an attempt to occupy it and the resistance confronted it, it was often said at the time that «the eye does not resist the gimlet». The weak believed this defeatist saying. But the resistance ignored it. A few have sought and struggled for the sake of Lebanon. It triumphed despite little material capabilities. And history recorded the enemy’s first ever unconditional withdrawal from an Arab country.

In 2006, the enemy waged a massive war against the homeland. The outcome was its surrender under Lebanese strikes. In 2017, the resistance and the military establishment fought a war hand in hand against the Takfiris. This war ended with the liberation of Lebanon from the terrorists. The so-called emirate was toppled thanks to the golden equation: the army, the people and the resistance.

A few days ago, «Israel» committed a new folly – a blatant and…

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Bibi in Banderastan, or the importance of words


Bibi in Banderastan, or the importance of words

[this column was written for the Unz Review]

Israeli Prime Minister made it to Kiev today, where he was greeted by the (pseudo) “traditional” Ukronazi slogan “Glory to the Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”. For somebody like me who dislikes Zionism and Nazism just about the same, it was a sweet irony to see an Israeli Prime Minister officially traveling to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine to commemorate the massacre of Jews at Babii Iar greeted by the very same slogan which the Jews murdered at Babii Iar heard from their Banderite executioners while they were being shot.


Do you already hear the choir of voices protesting: how can anyone expecting to be taken seriously write a paragraph about the civil war in the Ukraine with all the following words: Ukronazi, Zionism, Nazism, Nazi-occupied, Jews and Banderite?

That is a very good question.

But I have a…

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Will Bibi’s War Become America’s War?


Image result for Will Bibi’s War Become America’s War?
August 29, 2019


President Donald Trump, who canceled a missile strike on Iran, after the shoot-down of a U.S. Predator drone, to avoid killing Iranians, may not want a U.S. war with Iran. But the same cannot be said of Bibi Netanyahu.

Saturday, Israel launched a night attack on a village south of Damascus to abort what Israel claims was a plot by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force to fly “killer drones” into Israel, an act of war.

Sunday, two Israeli drones crashed outside the media offices of Hezbollah in Beirut. Israel then attacked a base camp of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in north Lebanon.

Monday, Israel admitted to a strike on Iranian-backed militias of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq. And Israel does not deny responsibility for last month’s attacks on munitions dumps and bases of pro-Iran militias in Iraq.


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Is Lisbon the New Jerusalem?



 Introduction by GA:   In 2015, the governments of both Spain and Portugal passed laws to allow descendants of Sephardic Jews to apply for citizenship and a passport. Four years later, we learn that the Israeli press has proclaimed   that “millions” of Israeli Jews  are eligible for Portuguese citizenship. The following translation of an Israeli article provides a clear window into the Israeli psyche. According to the Hebrew article, 2200 Israelis apply for Portuguese citizenship every month, but not because they are enthusiastic about Portugal: its culture, its history, its language, it heritage, not because they plan to live there or, god forbid, mingle with the locals, but mainly because of the business opportunities in real estate. Apparently, all it takes for an Israeli to be eligible for Portuguese Citizenship is approval from the Portuguese Jewish community.   

The article exposes a disturbing picture of a deeply parasitic mindset. According to the…

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الاستنزاف والترقب نصف ردّ… والنصف الثاني مؤلم


أغسطس 30, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– يناقشون في مراكز القرار السياسي والعسكري للكيان طبيعة رد المقاومة وموعده، وهم واثقون من أن الكلام الذي قاله الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله يندرج تحت عنوان الوعد الصادق، وهو بالتالي سند مستحق السداد، ولا ينتظر توافر الإمكانية الموضعية لهدف المحدد ولا القدرات اللازمة لبلوغه، بل القرار التنفيذي المبنيّ على معطيات تتصل بالتوقيت الأمثل وطبيعة الهدف الأنسب، والتداعيات التي تضمن تصحيح قواعد الاشتباك وتضع الكيان أمام خيرات الابتعاد عن العبث برهانات الضربات المبرمجة.

– لضبط النفس والتهدئة مفهوم واحد الآن، ولا تجدي في تغييره الاتصالات الأميركية والغربية والعربية بالمسؤولين اللبنانيين، تحت شعار تفادي التصعيد بالضغط على المقاومة لتجنب الرد أو تأجيله، أو جعله رمزياً يمكن لكيان الاحتلال التغاضي عنه بعدم الرد عليه، ويمكن للمقاومة احتسابه تحقيقاً لوعد السيد نصرالله بالرد الحتمي، فقادة الكيان يعلمون أن مفهوم ضبط النفسلدى المقاومة هو واحد، أن يضغط العالم على قادة كيان الاحتلال كي يبتلعوا الرد ويعضّوا…

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More Eligible? ’Israel’ Places Dummies inside Military Vehicles on Lebanon Border!


By Staff

Beirut – Perhaps more qualified to accomplish the mission of guarding the border than real soldiers, the ‘Israeli’ occupation army placed dummies inside their military vehicles across the northern front on facing the Lebanese side.

The breakthrough was first spotted by al-Manar correspondent in South Lebanon, Ali Shoeib, which went viral on Twitter.

Soon after, the military correspondent of ‘Israeli’ channel 10 news, Or Heller, confessed the news, adding an extra close photo on the same incident.

The measure reaffirms reports of ‘Israeli’ fears of Hezbollah’s awaited response since the last speech of Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah who vowed retaliation to the ‘Israeli’ attacks against Lebanon and Hezbollah members.

The ‘Israeli’ regime attacked a Hezbollah site in Syria, which killed two fighters, and sent two spy drones that crashed over Beirut’s southern suburb [Dahiyeh].

Sayyed Nasrallah on Sunday warned the ‘Israeli’ army to await…

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