Pizza Hut: Αποχωρεί από την Ελλάδα. Κλείνουν όλα τα καταστήματα.


H Pizza Hut στην Ελλάδα αποφάσισε ότι η δραστηριότητα της αλυσίδας δεν είναι πλέον βιώσιμη και κατά συνέπεια πρέπει να διακοπεί, συνεπώς κλείνουν από σήμερα και τα 16 καταστήματά της στην χώρα.


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ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ-Δείτε πως εξαπάτησαν το ΣτΕ Μητσοτάκης και Βρούτσης! Αν οι συνταξιούχοι δεχθούν τα κουρεμένα αναδρομικά χάνουν τα υπόλοιπα!


Όσοι συνταξιούχοι δεχθούν να πληρωθούν το 30% των αναδρομικών, παραγράφονται τα υπόλοιπα 60%! ΔΕΙΤΕ ΠΩΣ:

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Ο Μητσοτάκης έβαλε τους Γερμανούς ως διαιτητές με την Τουρκία να μας λένε σήμερα ότι η Ελλάδα έχει σκληρές θέσεις;


Süddeutsche Zeitung: «Η Ελλάδα πρέπει να απομακρυνθεί από τις σκληρές θέσεις της για τα κυριαρχικά δικαιώματα 3.000 νησιών και νησίδων»

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A Look Inside Palestinian and Israeli Classrooms

Miko Peled

Tuesday, August 11th at 12 PM EST ● 7 PM Jerusalem 

Guest Panel

Dr. Ilham Nasser, Ph.D., Former Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Education in Palestine, Senior Researcher @ Advancing Education in Muslim Societies Initiative, International Institute of Islamic Thought
Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Norfolk University, Professor of History, and Director of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts Center for African Diaspora Studies
Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Professor of Language and Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Sakharov Prize Laureate for Human Rights awarded by the European Parliament, Co-initiator with Palestinian Ambassadrice in the EU of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Miko Peled (Host), Author, Writer, & Human Rights Activist for Palestinian Justice & Freedom


After author and activist, Miko Peled, hosted the two part webinar series, “What do they teach our children? Israel’s Intervention in American Social Studies Curriculum

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Αναδρομικά: Αυτή είναι η κομπίνα Μητσοτάκη – Βρούτση! Αν τα πάρουν κουρεμένα παραγράφονται τα υπόλοιπα!


Όσοι συνταξιούχοι δεχθούν να πληρωθούν το 30% των αναδρομικών, παραγράφονται τα υπόλοιπα 60%! ΔΕΙΤΕ ΠΩΣ:

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It Is Now the “Israel-led” Coalition that Is Destroying Yemen

The Wall Will Fall

Karin Brothers for Global Research:

It wasn’t supposed to take this long to eliminate the independence movement of the backward land of the living Bible. A coalition of the world’s major military powers, led by the US, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Britain and Israel, expected Yemen’s Houthi movement to fall in a matter of weeks after their attacks started on March 25th, 2015. Five years later, it is only the hidden member of the Coalition leaders, Israel, that is motivated to continue the genocidal bombing and blockade that has created “the world’s greatest humanitarian catastrophe”. It is arguably because of Israel’s hidden role that the genocide is continuing despite the attempts of the other Coalition leaders to end their roles in the Yemeni slaughter.

Until 2015, Yemen, one of the poorest countries on earth, was a fabulous, unspoiled country of ancient cities, thousand-year-old buildings and pristine islands…

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Έκθετος ο Υπουργός Άμυνας: NAVTEX εκδίδει ΜΟΝΟΝ η Υδρογραφική Υπηρεσία του Πολεμικού Ναυτικού!



Screenshot_2020-07-28 Ο Οργανισμός μας(2)Για να ξέρουμε τι λέμε και τι γράφουμε…
Ας ξεκαθαρίσουμε ποιος είναι υπεύθυνος στην Ελλάδα για την έκδοση NAVTEX.

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Israel’s Jewish National Fund Is Uprooting Palestinians – Not Planting Trees


By Jonathan Cook
Source:Jonathan Cook

The Jewish National Fund, established more than100 yearsago, is perhaps the most venerable of the international Zionist organisations. Its recent honorary patrons have included prime ministers, and it advises UN forums on forestry and conservation issues.

It is also recognised as a charity in dozens of western states. Generations of Jewish families, and others, have contributed to its fundraising programmes, learning as children to drop saved pennies into its trademark blue boxes to help plant a tree.

And yet its work over many decades has been driven by one main goal: to evict Palestinians from their homeland.

The JNF is a thriving relic of Europe’s colonial past, even if today it wears the garb of an environmental charity. As recent events show, ethnic cleansing is still what it excels at.

The organisation’s mission began before the state of Israel was even born. Under British…

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