Video Recap: What do they teach our children? Israel’s Intervention in American Social Studies Curriculum (Part Two)

Miko Peled

In part two of this online event series, author and activist, Miko Peled, hosted an excellent round table discussions featuring educators, activists, civil rights advocates, and law experts in order to tackle this critical topic.

July 1, 2020 Speaker Panel:

Guest Panel:
Jeanne Trabulsi, Education Committee @ Virginia Coalition for Human Rights
Dr. Samia Shoman Ed.D, Advisory Committee to the California Ethnic SJihan Andoni, National  Arab American Women’s Association 
Alex McDonald, Texas Coalition for Human Rights 
Jinan Shbat, National Organizer @ American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) 


In California, the Legislative Jewish Caucus campaigned against the inclusion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a statewide ethnic studies curriculum. In Florida, lawmakers passed a bill (signed into law, in Israel, by Gov. Ron DeSantis) which changed the state’s anti-discrimination law applying to public education to adopt a controversial redefinition of antisemitism that includes various criticisms of Israel…

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