Hundreds of ‘Israeli’ Officials May Stand Trial at International Criminal Court


Hundreds of ‘Israeli’ Officials May Stand Trial at International Criminal Court

By Staff, Haaretz

The Zionist entity is drawing up a secret list of military and intelligence officials who might be subject to arrest abroad if the International Criminal Court in the Hague opens an investigation into ‘Israeli’ war crimes in Palestine, ‘Israeli’ Haaretz newspaper reported.

The paper learned that this list now includes between 200 and 300 officials, some of whom have not been informed. The great secrecy surrounding the issue stems from a fear that the mere disclosure of the list’s existence could endanger the people on it.

“The assessment is that the court is likely to view a list of names as an official ‘Israeli’ admission of these officials’ involvement in the incidents under investigation.”

Relatively, the ICC is expected to rule shortly on whether to approve the request by ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to investigate ‘Israel’ over suspicions of war crimes in Palestine.

Given the time frame…

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