Gaza’s Past, Present, and Future

Miko Peled

A Discussion with Wafaa Ali Aludaini & Ahmed Abu Artema, hosted by Miko Peled

Tuesday, July 28th
1:00 PM EST // 10:00 AM PT // 8:00 PM Gaza

Gaza has a storied history of resistance, culture, and complexities. The besieged Gaza Strip and the fate of it’s resilient population are critical to the greater demand for Palestinian freedom and justice. To unpack how life in Gaza came to be, how it’s people survive and thrive in 2020 under a brutal blockade, and what might lay ahead for Gazans, author and activist, Miko Peled, has invited two spectacular Gazan journalists and activists to provide their truth telling and expert analysis.

Wafaa Ali Aludaini is aGaza-based Palestinian journalist and activist, manager of The Althorayya Institution for Media.

Ahmed Abu Artema is a Gaza-based Palestinian journalist and activist, author of «Organized Chaos», organizer of The Great March…

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