IOF Shoots Down Own Drone Over Occupied Golan Heights, Suspecting It Came From Lebanon


IOF Shoots Down Own Drone Over Occupied Golan Heights, Suspecting It Came From Lebanon

By Staff, Agencies

The “Israeli” army said on Friday it shot down an “Israeli” Occupation Force [IOF] drone overnight near Jabal al-Shaykh [Mount Hermon] in the occupied Golan Heights after suspecting that it came from Lebanese territory.

The army said it is investigating the incident which happened overnight.

Later, warning sirens sounded Friday morning in several settlements in the [Galilee], near the “Israeli” entity’s border with Lebanon, but the IOF said no rockets were fired at the entity.

In a statement, the IOF said the sirens were activated over a suspected intrusion into “Israeli” entity territory by a drone, which later turned out to be false.

This comes amid heightened tension in the region, as the “Israeli” entity fears Hezbollah would retaliate the killing last month of one of its fighters in an “Israeli” airstrike in Syria.

The IOF had raised its level of readiness on the border, as military…

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