Palestinian Resistance: Gaza Ceasefire ‘at Stake’ over Health of Hunger Striker غزّة أمام ساعات حاسمة: إضراب الأخرس يفجّر التهدئة؟


October 12, 2020

Palestinian hunger striker Maher Al-Akhras
Palestinian prisoner Maher Al-Akhras has been on hunger strike for more than 70 days

Palestinian Resistance factions threatened Israeli occupation that the ceasefire in Gaza is at stake over the deteriorating health of Palestinian prisoner Maher Al-Akhras who has been for 78 days on hunger strike.

Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper reported on Monday that the Palestinian factions threatened the Israeli occupation, through mediators, that any harm inflicted upon Al-Akhras will affect all understandings reached on the ceasefire between Gaza and the Zionist entity.

The prominent threat was by Islamic Jihad’s military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, which issued on Sunday a video showing the group’s missiles along with the photo of Al-Akhras. The video was entitled: “Our Patience Won’t Last,” according to Al-Akhbar.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum also warned that the group was “ready for any scenario,” calling for the direct release of Al-Akhras.

Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades, the armed…

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