IOA to Judaize Palestinian property near Ibrahimi Mosque

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Ibrahimi Mosque

AL-KHALIL, (PIC) – The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is expected to invite bids to Judaize the Ibrahimi Mosque’s vicinity in the Old City of al-Khalil after it rejected petitions filed by the Palestinian municipality of al-Khalil city.

In recent months, the IOA approved a plan to confiscate Palestinian-owned property near the Ibrahimi Mosque in order to build a special path and install an elevator for Jewish settlers to the Mosque, as well as a parking lot, and rest spots.

In a procedural step aimed at pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes, the IOA had formed a committee to look into the petitions filed by al-Khalil municipality and leftist organizations against its intent to seize Palestinian property near the Mosque, but later this committee announced its rejections of all objections in this regard.

Last April, Israeli war minister Naftali Bennett announced that he gave the final approval to the plan to…

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