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Miko Peled

Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts a discussion about Palestinian-led activism in 2021 with three tireless organizers, each representing a distinct region of Palestine: Al-Naqab desert, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. The four will discuss the prospect for change in the upcoming year as the role of grassroots activism and popular movement building becomes one of the few vehicles for enacting material change on the ground for Palestinian civil society.


Join us for this upcoming installment of Miko Peled’s ongoing webinar series. “The Prospect for Change in Palestine in 2021” highlights the incredible work of three Palestinian activists, journalists, and organizers: Rafat Abu Aish from Al-Naqab, Baha Hilo from Bethlehem, and Khaled Farrag from Jerusalem. Each is working to build a movement for material change in their individual communities through a diversity of tactics and organizing structures. As 2021 approaches and the official leadership among Palestine sits idly…

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