Israeli minister orders not to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners

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This is new proof about Israel’s discrimination against Palestinians, even those who are enduring harsh living conditions inside its prisons

Despite Health Ministry’s directive to be vaccinated, Israeli Public Security Minister Amir Ohana ordered that Palestinian security prisoners would not be inoculated, Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed on Sunday.

The office of the Israeli minister stated that only prison staff should be vaccinated because “there should be no inoculating security prisoners without approval and in line with vaccination progress among the general population.”

Likud minister Ohana’s statement did not single out Palestinian inmates. However, there are no non-Palestinian security prisoners in Israel.

Israeli ministry’s directive contradicts the Health Ministry’s guidelines regarding the prioritisation of vaccination, Haaretz said.

The head of the ministry’s epidemiology department, Dr Emilia Anis, stated that prisoners fall into the second priority group alongside chronically ill patients; nursery and school teacher; and first responders, including police officers and…

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