Palestine’s electoral process threatens to legitimise the status quo

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First published by the Middle East Eye on 27/1/2021

By holdingparliamentary elections first,the Palestinian leadership aims to protect the PA and the Oslo paradigm.

A series of Palestinian elections have been scheduled between May and August (AFP/file photo)

A letterfrom Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh was enough to trigger a long-awaitedpresidential decreeby Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas this month setting out a timetable for elections.

Following months of negotiations and meetings between the two main Palestinianfactions, Fatah and Hamas,sequential electionswill be held for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on 22 May, to be followed by a presidential election on 31 July and elections to the PalestinianNational Council (PNC) on 31 August.

Hamas had, up to the point of the Haniyeh’s letter, insisted that the three elections be held simultaneously. The change of position by Hamas was explained by itsspokesman, Hazem Qasem, who said…

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