The occupation forces uproot dozens of olive trees and bulldoze lands south of Bethlehem

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Days of Palestine – Bethlehem – The Israeli occupation forces uprooted today, Thursday, dozens of fruitful olive trees, bulldozed citizens’ lands and demolished retaining walls, in the area of Khallat al-Nahlah near the village of Wadi Rahal, south of Bethlehem.

The director of The Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission office in Bethlehem, Hassan Brijieh, stated that the occupation forces stormed Khalat al-Nahlah area, uprooted dozens of old olive trees , bulldozed lands, and demolished retaining walls.

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He added that the area has been targeted by the occupation and its settlers, with the aim of seizing it for the purpose of settlement expansion, noting that the settlement of «Efrat» is being built near it.

It is to be noted that a group of settlers stormed Khallet al-Nahlah two days ago, and started grazing their sheep there, before they were confronted by…

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