The occupation arrests three Palestinians from Hebron

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Days of Palestine – Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday arrested three civilians from several towns in the Hebron governorate.

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Local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested: Muhammad Issa al-Rajoub from the town of Dura, south of Hebron, and Ahed Samer Abu Sharkh (23 years) from the town of Dhahiriya in the south, and Mujahid Muhammad Mutlaq Abu Juhaisha (25 years) from the town of Adhna in the west, after they raided and searched their family’s homes.

The occupation forces also raided several houses, known from their owners: the prisoner, Samer Abu Sharkh, in Dhahriya, and the citizen Rami Hamdan, in Aqbat Tafouh, west of Hebron.

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The occupation forces set up a military roadblock at the entrance to al-Fawwar camp, south of Hebron, and searched citizens’ vehicles, and checked…

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