Palestinian-Jordanian journalist, detained in UAE over pro-Gaza post, passes away

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Amman (QNN)- The Palestinian-Jordanian journalist Tayseer Najjar passed away on Friday night. Najjar had been held in an Emarati jail over a pro-Gaza post that he wrote during the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014.

A few days before he died, Najjar wrote on his Facebook account about the severity of his condition. “It is unfortunate that my heart has all this pain,” he wrote.

Social media accounts of members of his family announced his death due to health issues.

Najjar worked for the Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour, Petra News Agency, and as an editor for the New Arab and several other Arab sites.

The United Arab Emirates had jailed Najjar in 2016 over a pro-Gaza post that criticized the UAE’s role in the Israeli war on Gaza back in 2014.

“There are never two rights in one cause; there is only one right, which is the resistance of Gaza. Everything…

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