Increasing settler violence goes unchecked by the Israel ‘Defence’ Forces

Brum2Jerusalem Blog

First published by the Middle East Monitor on 12/3/2021

As I was reading an article headlined «Israel says 600 children given Covid jab had no serious side effects», my twitter feed was filled with messages expressing outrage about a video of some other children: Palestinian children.

This told a very different story. Palestinian children aged 7 to 12 were being manhandled violently by fully armed and masked Israeli soldiers equipped to arrest dangerous criminals. The images were obscene. The might of the Israeli army — the so-called Israel «Defence» Forces —being used to terrorise children simply because it can.

Pro-Israelis jumped immediately to the defence of the soldiers, claiming that the children were «stealing» private property; there was little compassion shown for the situation that the children found themselves in. In fact, the children were collectingakkub, an in-season prickly wildflower that is the main ingredient for a Palestinian…

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