IOF arrests 3 candidates for upcoming legislative elections in Jerusalem, prevents a press conference

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IOF arrests 3 candidates for upcoming legislative elections in Jerusalem, prevents a press conference

Jerusalem_ Gaza Post – Israeli occupying forces arrested on Saturday, 3 candidates for Legislative Council elections in Jerusalem, and prevented a press conference for national faction candidates.

A press conference was to be held for Jerusalemite candidates to announce their position on the holding of elections in Jerusalem and the mechanisms for the participation of Jerusalemite candidates

The occupation police arrested Ashraf Al-Awar, Naser Qaus on the Fatah list and Ratiba Natsha on the Al-Feda list.

The occupation intelligence surrounded the St. George’s Hotel, where the press conference was scheduled, before the activity, checked the identities of passers-by and prevented the conference from taking place.

The candidates on the lists of National Action factions expressed their position that Jerusalem was Arab, with Palestinian sovereignty and no elections without Jerusalem.

After being prevented from holding their press conference, on Salah Al-Din Street, the candidates and a number of cadres and activists…

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