Occupation police run over Palestinian child for raising Palestinian flag

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OCCUPIED AL-QUDS,PALESTINOW.COM—The Israeli police attacked on Sunday evening the 15-year-old Palestinian child, Jawad Abbasi, in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem, for raising the Palestinian flag on his bicycle.

Eyewitnesses reported that three Israeli police officers followed the child Abbasi with their vehicle as he was riding a bicycle and ran over him under the pretext that he had raised the Palestinian flag on his bike. He was wounded in his leg.

The eyewitnesses added that the occupation police detained the child Abbasi for some time before he was taken for treatment.

(Source / 31.05.2021)

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Israel continues to prevent the entry of goods and fuel into Gaza

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Closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, the economic lifeline in Gaza
Closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, the economic lifeline in Gaza

Days of Palestine – The Israeli occupation authorities continue to close the only Kerem Shalom commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip, for the twentieth consecutive day and prevent the entry of goods, supplies, and fuel to the people of the Strip.

The Committee for the Coordination of the Entry of Goods into Gaza said today, Monday, in a press statement: «The occupation has closed the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing, since the start of the military aggression on Gaza on May 11, and despite reaching a ceasefire agreement, the occupation prevents the entry of goods.» The supplies and the needs of the people of the Gaza Strip are «under flimsy pretexts.»

Read More: BREAKING: Israeli forces prevent entry of meals for the fasting Muslims in Aqsa Mosque

The occupation authorities prevent the entry of fuel, including diesel, gasoline, and gas…

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‘Israel’ arrests 14-year-old over “soot on his hands”

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An Israeli court extended Muhammad Haj Yahya’s house arrest considering soot, found on his hands, as a proof of throwing stones

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- An Israeli court extended the house arrest of Muhammad Haj Yahya (14 years old) for extra ten days, considering soot on his hands as proof that he took part in protests and threw stones at Israeli occupation forces.

the Israeli prosecution filed a lawsuit before the Israeli Central Court in ‘Petah Tikva’ on Monday, claiming that the boy was throwing stones and taking part in protests in the 1948-occupied territories.

Sanaa, Muhammad’s mother, said that the Israelis claimed that finding soot on her son’s hands is proof that he threw stones. However, she stressed that the reason why Muhammad’s hands were covered with soot was that he fell on the ground while he was running away from Israeli soldiers, who opened fire at Muhammad and his…

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500 new Zionist colonizers arrive in Palestine from over 20 countries around globe

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Arrival of new Zionist colonizers to occupied Palestine

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- In what Israeli media and authorities described as a “super week”, 500 Zionist colonizers from over 20 countries arrived in occupied Palestine last week.

Colonizers from South and Central America, Europe, Scandinavian countries, the UK, the US, Australia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Ethiopia, and other countries worldwide will be settled in occupied Palestinian land instead of its native people.

Israeli organizations announced the news proudly, taking it as proof that the Zionist colonization of Palestine will continue despite the resistance attacks.

“Given the intense conflict we have witnessed here over recent weeks, it is quite remarkable to see these hundreds of Jewish immigrants coming home to Israel from all directions,” President of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) Jürgen Bühler said.

“This is truly inspiring to see these Jewish families cast their lots with Israel just days after the country…

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‘Israel’ summons Philippines envoy over UNHRC vote to probe Israel’s violations

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The Israeli Foreign Ministry has summoned the Philippines ambassador, Macairog Alberta For a “clarification” after his country voted last week to form an inquiry commission into Israel’s violations in the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, the Philippines voted at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in favour of the establishment of an investigative committee against ‘Israel’ over its latest aggression on the Gaza Strip, in which at least 279 Palestinians were killed, including 69 children and 40 women.

The Times of Israel said the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ deputy director-general for the Asia-Pacific, Gilad Cohen, had told the ambassador that his country’s vote was “unacceptable”.

“It is unacceptable that a country like the Philippines, which itself endures radical and murderous Islamist terrorism in the south of the country, would support a draft resolution that ignores the Hamas terrorist organization’s war crimes,” Cohen is quoted as saying in a Foreign…

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‘Israel’ killed 19 families during 11-day Gaza aggression

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Gaza Strip (QNN)- 19 families in the Gaza Strip have been wiped off the population civil registry during Israel’s 11-day aggression, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

The Ministry on Sunday released new figures that showed 19 families in Gaza Strip were killed in the aggression, including 41 children and 25 women.

Here are some of the families that were killed, according to the ministry:

•Twenty one members of the Al-Kawlak family were killed by Israel’s onslaught, including eight children and six women.

•The Abu Auf family lost nine members, including a child and five women.

•Six members of al-Tanani family, including four children and a woman, were also killed.

Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip started on May 10 and ended with a ceasefire brokered by mediator Egypt on May 21, killing at least 279 Palestinians, including 69 children and 40 women and injuring 1,910 others.

More than 90,000 Palestinians…

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Faina Savenkova appeal for the 2021 UN Children’s Day


Faina Savenkova appeal for the 2021 UN Children’s Day

May 31, 2021

Dear friends

Today I am sharing with you the video of the public appeal made by Faina Savenkova, from Lugansk, to the United Nations and the rest of the world reminding them that the children of the Donbass deserve to live in peace and security. This video is posted at the same time it will go on display at the UN HQ in New York, courtesy of the Russian Mission to the UN. For those who have missed it,here is an article written by Faina for the Saker blogin which I mention the possibility to ask Faina any question you want, please do check it out. I now leave you with Fania’s appeal, please circulate it as much as possible!

Thank you

The Saker

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Israeli forces run over, arrest child for flying Palestinian flag on bicycle

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces chased and ran over a Palestinian child flying a Palestinian flag on his bicycle in Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in Occupied Jerusalem, local sources said.

At least six Israeli occupation officers chased the 15-year-old Jawad Abbasi while he was riding his bike and raising a Palestinian flag, running over him and causing him bruises in the leg for raising the flag, which the occupation authorities ban in the occupied capital.

Videos showed the child surrounded with at least six Israeli occupation officers holding machine guns, and the child got injured and was arrested by the forces before he was let go for medical treatment.

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‘Israeli’ Occupation Forces Run Over Palestinian Teen Biker in Al-Quds for Carrying Flag of Palestine



‘Israeli’ Occupation Forces Run Over Palestinian Teen Biker in Al-Quds for Carrying Flag of Palestine

By Staff, Agencies

‘Israeli’ occupation forces have run over a Palestinian child in the occupied East al-Quds as he was carrying a Palestinian flag on his bike before detaining the wounded minor.

The Palestinian Shehab news agency reported that the occupation forces chased 15-year-old Jawad Abbasi with their vehicle in Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Silwan, south of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, on Sunday afternoon before running over him and wounding his legs.

The brutal attack on the Palestinian minor was carried out under the pretext of raising the Palestinian flag on his bicycle, the agency added.

Silwan, home to about 33,000 Palestinians, is located outside the walls of the Old City of occupied al-Quds and its sacred sites. ‘Israeli’ occupation officials have been moving Jewish extremists to the neighborhood since the 1980s, and currently, several hundred settlers live there in heavily protected settlement compounds.

This has resulted in numerous…

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Watchdog: ‘Israel’ systematically wiping out entire Palestinian families

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Muhammad Hadidi comforting his 5-month-old baby Omar, the only survivor of Muhammad’s small family. An Israeli strike killed Muhammad’s wife and four children during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The Independent Committee for Human Rights said that the occupation state is systimaticly and intentionally wiping out entire Palestinian families.

In a report issued on Sunday, the committee said that during the 11-day-long aggression on Gaza, the occupation state bombed dozens of houses and residential apartments on the heads of its residents on purpose, removing entire families from the civil registry.

The watchdog documented 31 cases, in which Israeli jets targeted extended families, in 21 of them, houses were bombed on the heads of their residents and in two cases entire communities were targeted. They also targeted a car in one case and a farm in another.

The Israeli strikes, which targeted families left 96 victims, including 44…

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