Israel does not spare Gaza from strikes, even in Ramadan

Brum2Jerusalem Blog

First published by TRT World on 4/5/2021

Anadolu Agency journalists defiant after Israel bombs Gaza office

A month of peace is it is not, for those who live in Gaza.

For Muslims all over the World, Ramadan is a month of prayer, contemplation, kindness and charity. This applies to Palestinians all over historic Palestine. Many more try to attend prayers in mosques, especially prayers unique to Ramadan, theTaraweeh. And in this Gaza is no exception, despite the blockade Israel imposed on it which is now running into its 15th year.

This tiny strip of land is home to two million Palestinians, most of whom have not left the strip on a regular basis since the siege was imposed. Their only exit point – apart from through Israel – is the Rafah crossing to Egypt, which is regularly closed for long periods. Gaza was also predicted to be an unliveable area by 2020 byUN experts.


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