Palestinian Mother Dies From Wounds She Suffered In Gaza

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Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip said a mother has died from serious wounds she suffered when the Israeli army fired missiles, on May 16th, into homes in Gaza city, killing 37 Palestinians, including her two daughters,

The sources said the woman, Diana Ziad Abu al-Ouf al-Yaziji, suffered serious wounds, before she was moved to a hospital in Gaza then was transferred to Jerusalem, but succumbed to her injuries on June 3rd.

She was injured when the army fired many missiles and shells into homes and residential buildings in the al-Wehda Street, in the center of Gaza city, killing 37 Palestinians, including her daughters Rawan and Shaymaa.

It is worth mentioning that Shaymaa was studying to become a dentist and was engaged to be married after the al-Fitr Muslim feast.

Yahia Bassem al-Ejla

On the same day of her death, a young Palestinian man, identified…

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