How Israeli attacks psychologically damage Palestinian children

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Israeli forces have killed at least 3,000 Palestinian children in the past two decades. With children being as vulnerable to the Israeli war machine as adults

More than 54.7 per cent of Palestinian children have experienced at least one traumatic event in their life and non-stop Israeli attacks can lead to major psychological issues among them.

Israel had escalated its reckless air strikes and rocket attacks on Palestine, targeting even women, children and media organisations. The latest Israeli offensive on Gaza caused intense psychological stress not only on adults but also on children.

Esra Oras, one of Turkey’s prominent psychologists, told TRT World that Israel’s aggressive policies that are largely driven by its military are «systematically exposing Palestinians to chronic trauma» and the vicious cycle of oppression has caused immense pain to them.

«It pushes the entire public, not just children, into a constant cycle of trauma. It disrupts the…

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