Tools of destabilisation – mainstream media propaganda

The Wall Will Fall

A talk I prepared for last night’s webinar, hosted by @JSCPRESS : 

In order to fully understand the role of the corporate media as an instrument of destabilisation in the hands of the neocolonialist cartel, led by the UK, US, France and Israel, we must examine the concept of hybrid warfare. This expression was invented by members of US military command. Hybrid war is said to involve “a mix of conventional, irregular terrorism and criminal means or activities – deployed by a combination of state and non-state actors, to include covert action, economic blackmail or coercion, diplomatic duplicity and media manipulation. Hybrid warfare is also referred to as multi spectrum or full spectrum warfare – which can be interpreted as a reference to the US Department of Defence document “Joint vision 2020” published in 2000 which has as its objective, American full spectrum dominance (globally).

My focus is on…

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