The ‘Israeli’ Entity’s Unending Nightmare: Hezbollah’s SG-led Information Warfare



The ‘Israeli’ Entity’s Unending Nightmare: Hezbollah’s SG-led Information Warfare

By Staff

As every loved leader, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s source of power comes from his supporters, this time the confession is made by Zionist media.

Noting that Sayyed Nasrallah makes sure he portrays the truth and “stretches it as much as possible without letting it snap,” the source of an article entitled “Nasrallah – Leading Hezbollah’s Information Warfare” admitted that Sayyed Nasrallah’s speeches and interviews are not broadcasted in the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories but are occasionally cited in the ‘Israeli’ media.

However, security officials and research centers like Alma’s, the publisher of the article, which is an education and research center, dedicated to researching the security challenges on the Zionist entity’s occupied northern borders, follow them closely and do in-depth analyses of them.

Whoever observes ‘Israeli’ media can clearly deduce that the Hezbollah leader is their ‘credible enemy’; despite the fact that the entire ‘Israeli’…

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