Haunted by Nightmares: Hezbollah Caught “Israel” Off-Guard


August 9, 2021 

Haunted by Nightmares: Hezbollah Caught “Israel” Off-Guard

By Staff

Tal Lev Ram, Maariv newspaper’s military affairs commentator, said that officials in the “Israeli” security establishment erred in believing that Hezbollah will not respond to the raids in Lebanon.

According to Ram, «Israel» already acted as Hezbollah expected. Following consultations with military officials, “Israeli” politicians decided to end the latest round and not cause an additional escalation.

«The main problem, also in the recent incident, is that, contrary to the assessment of the ‘Israeli’ army, Hezbollah hastened to draw an equation in front of Tel Aviv,” the analyst added. “From an intelligence point of view, the ‘Israeli’ army also has to examine where it did not diagnose Hezbollah’s intention to retaliate and strike.”

In the context of Tel Aviv’s fears of Hezbollah and its steps, the Walla News website reported that numerous scenarios of infiltration from Lebanon towards the occupied territory worry the settlers in…

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