Iain Davis, of In This Together, on «pandemic» narratives & on «exercising our inalienable rights»

In Gaza

Recently, I spoke with UK-based writer Iain Davis, author of the blog, In This Together, and also a contributor to 21st Century Wire, the UK Column, Off Guardian, Zero Hedge and the Corbett Report, and author of several books.

Iain has worked in health and social care most of his life, working predominantly with people with mental health, substance misuse and acute housing needs, and has always maintained a keen interest in geopolitics. Read more on his about page.

We discussed why he was from early on skeptical of the pandemic narratives, as well as some of the crazy measures taken in the UK, fear porn in the media to further demonize those who choose not to take an experimental, and highly risky, Covid jab. He also highlighted ways to resist the absurd measures being imposed under the pretext of public health.

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