The Policy of Neglect; Behind the Walls of the Occupation Prisons


September 23, 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

By Lea Akil

In violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and others, the Israeli occupation pursues a policy of medical neglect against Palestinian prisoners who are continuously subjected to torment and maltreatment.

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The Israeli occupation’s neglect of Palestinian prisoners violates the Fourth Geneva Convention

Behind the walls of the Israeli occupation prisons, Palestinians are always exposed to aggression and brutality under the Israeli apartheid regime. As a result of neglect and abuse, some freed prisoners with forsaken medical cases are reported dead shortly after their release, and others are reported dead inside the prison.

The methods to weaken both the will and the body are a tragic duality practiced amidst an Israeli political and judicial system that legitimizes torture and psychological pressure against Palestinian and Arab prisoners.

The reported health status of prisoners proved that the Israeli occupation, specifically the Israeli Prison System (IPS)…

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