Corbett Report: «How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch»

In Gaza

Brilliant interview, must listen.

Watch/listen here

Show notes here

*So much of what Mark speaks of re media smears & character assassinations as a means of discrediting someone is very familiar to me, having been smeared since 2016 for my stances on Syria.

«…In hammering away at the same bogus narrative, they’ll also take shots at people or voices that are in disagreement. There will be a lot of jeering, a lot of ridicule, they’ll call people ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘Covid deniers’ or accuse them of hate speech. There’s a certain roster of put-downs, of attacks, that are inevitable, we hear them all the time.

When we hear that, read that, that’s the first thing we should go look at: precisely what is being dismissed, what is being attacked, what is being called a ‘hoax’, what is being called ‘fake news’.

Read that. Listen to those voices. Look at the…

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