Several nations, international bodies denounce Israel’s plans to expand settlements in West Bank

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Several nations and international bodies have expressed deep concerns over Israel’s Sunday announcement of plans to approve the building of over 1,355 housing units in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

A statement by the the Egyptian Foreign Ministry denounced Israel’s announcement of settlement expansion and called on the occupation state to stop unilateral acts that can harm the establishment of the Palestinian state and achieve peace.

It said that it is following with great concern the expansion of the settlements, which would harm the geographic contiguity of the Palestinian territories, gradually eliminate the two-state solution and the future of the Palestinian state.

France also denounced the Israeli announcement, calling ‘Israel’ to “halt any unilateral step that undermines the two-state solution, a solution based on agreed upon international parameters and that is the only one that has the ability to lead a just and sustainable peace…

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