Hacker group leaks data, photos from Israel’s War Ministry

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Anonymous hacker in front of his computer with red light wall background Anonymous hacker in a black hoody with laptop in front of a code background with binary streams cyber security concept

Israeli media reported a hacker group called Moses Staff claimed last week that it has successfully conducted a cyberattack on the Israeli War Ministry, releasing files and photos it claims it obtained from the ministry’s servers.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Moses Staff’s website claims that the group has hacked over 165 servers and 254 websites and compiled over 11 terabytes of data, including Israel Post, the War Ministry, files related to War Minister Benny Gantz, the Electron Csillag company and Epsilor company.

“We’ve kept an eye on you for many years, at every moment and on each step,” wrote the group in the announcement of the attack on their Telegram channel on Sunday, according to The Jerusalem…

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