Palestine Action Elbit Rooftop Occupation

The Bristol Activist

Activists from Palestine Action occupied the offices of Elbit Systems yesterday (Nov 2), with three activists on the roof and others using converted fire extinguishers to spray red paint on the building itself.

The police responded rapidly to the action, which began in the early hours of the morning at Elbit’s office at 600 Aztec West. It was reported that whilst the police failed to stop the activists themselves from accessing the roof, they did prevent activists taking their food and water.

The paint-spraying activists were confronted by police but fled before being caught.

Palestine Action is a mass direct action movement working to end UK complicity with Israeli apartheid. They have been active across the country over the last year, launching over 50 actions to shut down and damage offices and factories owned or associated with Elbit Systems.

Elbit is Israel’s largest arms manufacturer and has 10 factories and…

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