“It Is Fun to Shoot Palestinians”: Six Former Israeli Soldiers Speak Up


Nov 21, 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

By Rasha Reslan

Six Israeli occupation soldiers recall the atrocities they committed onscreen in a staggering reality that reflects the severity of the situation in al-Khalil from one angle; a reality that amounts to crimes against humanity.

Six ‘former’ soldiers recall the atrocities they committed in al-Khalil

“Soldiers really like shooting rubber bullets.”

“It is fun.”

“Everyone high fives.”

“You are awesome, you got him”

TheNew York TimesOp-Docs has lately obtained a short documentary “Mission: Hebron” by the Israeli Director and ‘former’ Israeli soldier Rona Segal.

It is the first time in recent years that a documentary film sheds the light on part of the Palestinians’ daily sufferings in occupied al-Khalil «Hebron»; a staggering reality the public has rarely been allowed to see. 

Source: Human Rights Defenders Group

Al-Khalil is considered the largest city in the occupied West Bank and the only…

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