To honour Tutu’s legacy, we must side with the oppressed not the oppressor

Brum2Jerusalem Blog

First published by the Middle East Eye on 31/12/2021

Tutu would have wanted a commitment from world leaders to fight injustice, inequality, and Apartheid wherever they occurred, including in occupied Palestine

Nobel peace laureate Desmond Tutu (L) listens to a survivor from the Al-Asamneh family in Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip on 28 May 2008 (AFP)

Both the late President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu were icons for the fight against Apartheid in South Africa.

It is sad to say ‘were’. Mandela passed away at the age of 95 in December 2013, and the year 2021 saw Tutu pass on to a better place at the age of 90.

World leaders should head Tutu’s advice, respect his legacy and stand with the Palestinian people against Israel’s Apartheid policies

Tributes to Tutu have been plentiful. British Prime Minister Boris Johnsontweetedthat he was saddened to hear of…

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