Palestinians denounce ‘abhorrent’ pursuit of resistance activists by Palestinian Authority forces


January 22 2022

According to a statement, resistance factions have demanded the Palestinian Authority release all political detainees and put an end to prosecutions against activists and prisoners in the West Bank

ByNews Desk- 

Palestinian resistance forces described the continuation of the Palestinian Authority’s strategy of arresting and prosecuting activists in Ramallah as “unpatriotic activities that assist the occupation and its objectives in the West Bank.”

Resistance factions decried the attempts of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to “extinguish the torch of popular resistance in Jabal Sabih, Beita, Beit Dajan, villages and cities of the West Bank,” according to a statement obtained byQuds Presson 22 January.

“The use of the abhorrent revolving policy by the PA and its apparatus, as well as its pursuit of leaders and activists who lead confrontations against the expropriation of Palestinian land in the West Bank, is a miserable attempt to prevent the continuation…

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