Thousands of Synagogues Will Be Desecrated If Zionists Violate Al-Aqsa Mosque Anymore: Sinwar


 April 30, 2022

Hamas Chief in Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, praised the heroic Palestinian operations against the Zionist enemy, adding that the entire axis of resistance will be ready to defend Al-Quds.

“The Zionist entity is weaker than a spider’s web,” the political leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement said on Saturday, while praising Palestinian men and women resisting the Israeli occupation and defendingthe Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In this sense, Sinwar has stressed that the Resistance is responsible for defending the Islamic sanctities,branding some Arab regimes as traitors for normalizing ties with the Israeli regime and providing a security coordination with the enemy.

Recalling that Zionist settlers storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of Israeli troops, Sinwar warned the Zionist enemy against desecrating the Holy Shrine.

“Thousands of Synagogues will be desecrated if the Zionist acts of storming Al-Aqsa Mosque recur,” Sinwar threatened.

“Our people must prepare for a…

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Heroic Operation in “Ariel” Settlement, Zionist Soldier Killed


April 30 2022

By Staff

A Zionist security guard has been killed on Friday midnight after Palestinian resistance men opened fire at him at the entrance of Ariel settlement near Salfit in the occupied West Bank.

According to ‘Israeli’ Ynet website, the perpetrators managed to flee the place as the Zionist military, police, and Shabak forces are still searching for the suspects.

The Zionist military declared a state of alertness to hunt the perpetrators, and blocked the nearby roads, as the neighboring settlements intensified security measures fearing any militants’ infiltration.

Meanwhile, ‘Israeli’ army spokesman requested that Hebrew media outlets delete the video circulating that shows how the operation was carried out.

A heroic operation targeting the guard of the settlement of Ariel

Security alert experienced by the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank

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Israeli Security Guard Killed In A Shooting Attack In Ariel

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Israeli sources have reported, late Friday night, that a security guard at the Ariel illegal colony in the occupied West Bank was shot dead by Palestinian fighters who managed to escape unharmed. As a result, the army and internal security initiated a massive search campaign.

The sources said the shooting was conducted with an improvised Carl Gustave submachine gun, adding that the guard is 23 years of age.

Israeli Ynet News said video footage from the scene of the fatal shooting shows two persons stepping out of a car before running up to the guard and shooting him.

One of the shooters returned to the car, made a U-turn, and picked up the other person before speeding away, Ynet added.

Israeli medics said they tried first aid after arriving at the scene, but the guard had no pulse and wasn’t breathing before they pronounced him dead due to his serious…

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Israeli Colonizers Attack Bus, Injure Many Palestinians, In Jerusalem

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On Saturday dawn, illegal Israeli colonizers attacked a bus filled with worshipers heading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, wounding several Palestinians.

Media sources said the Palestinians came in a bus from Nazareth city before the colonizers attacked the bus while driving near the French Hill in Jerusalem.

The colonizers hurled stones and empty bottles at the bus, shattering many windows and causing damage to the bus, and wounding several Palestinians.

In related news, Israeli soldiers abducted ten young Palestinian men after stopping them at the Qalandia terminal, north of occupied Jerusalem, while they were returning to their homes after praying in Al-Aqsa.

(Source / 30.04.2022)

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Israeli Soldiers Kill A Young Palestinian Man Near Qalqilia

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Israeli soldiers killed a young Palestinian man on Saturday dawn after several military vehicles invaded Azzoun town, east of Qalqilia, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said the invasion led to protests in the town before the soldiers fired dozens of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

Medical sources at Darwish Nazzal Hospital in Qalqilia said the young was shot with a live round that went through his heart and exited from his back.

The slain Palestinian has been identified as Yahia Ali Adwan, 27, from Azzoun; he was also a former political prisoner and has a brother who is imprisoned by Israel at the Negev Detention Camp.

The Israeli army first abducted Yahia in 2010 when he was only fifteen years of age and was imprisoned for ten months.

He was abducted again in 2013 and was released in 2016…

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Soldiers Close Salfit’s Northern Road With Sand Hills

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Israeli soldiers closed with sandhills and big rocks late Friday night, the main northern road leading to Salfit city in the central West Bank

Media sources said many army jeeps were deployed in the area before the soldiers started blocking traffic and forcing the Palestinians to leave.

They added that the army used a military bulldozer to install the sandhills to close the main road before the soldiers invaded many surrounding villages and towns in Salfit, especially Deir Istiya and Iskaka.

The Israeli bulldozers destroyed two main water pipelines in the area, and the workers of the local town council were only able to fix the damage after the army left.

Many Palestinians protested the closure of the main road and hurled stones at the soldiers who fired many live rounds, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

(Source / 30.04.2022)

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Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians From Bethlehem

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On Friday night after midnight, Israeli soldiers abducted two Palestinians from Bethlehem while returning from occupied Jerusalem after praying in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Media sources in Bethlehem said the soldiers abducted former political prisoner Hassan Ibrahim Hassan, 37, from the Saff Street in the center of Bethlehem, and Hussein Suleiman Abu Jalgheef, 25, from Hindaza Mountain, southeast of Bethlehem.

The sources said the two Palestinians were among many others from the Bethlehem governorate returning to their homes after praying in Al-Aqsa.

The soldiers also stopped and interrogated many Palestinians, especially young men and teenagers.

(Source / 30.04.2022)

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Israeli Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishing Boats In Southern Gaza

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Israeli navy ships fired many live rounds at Palestinian fishing boats near the Rafah shore in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday dawn.

Eyewitnesses said the navy chased the Palestinian fishing boats and fired many live rounds at them in addition to attacking them with water cannons.

The attack did not lead to casualties but forced the fishermen back to the shore without being able to fish to provide for their families.

On Friday, the Israeli army and the navyattacked Palestinian farmers and fishing boatsnear Gaza City and Khan Younis in the southern part of the coastal region.

The army frequently attacksfarmers,shepherds, workers, andfishermenacross the eastern parts of the coastal region and in Palestinian territorial waters, leading todozens ofcasualties, includingfatalities, in addition to preventing the Palestinians from tending to their lands and from fishing…

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Israeli forces shoot, kill 27-year-old Palestinian in Azzun town

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Photo of the 27-year-old Palestinian young man Yehia Ali Adwan who was killed by Israeli occupation forces in the town of Azzun on Saturday at dawn

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – A Palestinian man was shot and killed on Saturday at dawn by Israeli occupation forces in the town of Azzun, east of the city of Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the Israeli forces targeted the man with a live bullet to the heart, indicating that he was announced dead shortly after being hospitalized.

An ex-detainee, the man was later identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as 27-year-old Yehia Ali Adwan.
The sources added that the incident took place during fierce confrontations between Palestinian youths and the Israeli forces that broke into the town.

Since the beginning of March 2022, at least 21 Palestinian citizens have been killed by Israeli occupation forces and hundreds of…

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Teenage Palestinian violinist recounts horror of abuse in Israeli detention

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Athal al-Azzeh returned home after a 12-day detention which he said ‘felt like 12 years’

Athal al-Azzeh, 14, says Israeli forces tortured him and denied him basic rights in ‘scary’ 12-day imprisonment

When Athal al-Azzeh, a young Palestinian violin player and student council enthusiast, was arrested by Israeli soldiers two weeks ago, he feared that his life as he knew it was over.

“I was really scared, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me,” the 14-year-old told Middle East Eye. “All I could think about was my family and friends, and if they were sad and scared like I was,” Azzeh said, recounting the moment Israeli soldiers ambushed him as he was walking near a military base in his hometown of Bethlehem in the southern occupied West Bank.

Azzeh was detained on 15 April while heading to his grandmother’s house in the Beit Jibrin refugee camp on…

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