Sea Border Talks between “Israeli” Entity, Lebanon on Verge of Imminent Collapse


April 13, 2022

Source: Responsible Statecraft | Edited by Al-Ahed News

The “Responsible Statecraft” website revealed that the indirect sea border talks between the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity and Lebanon “are on verge of imminent collapse.”

Quoting several senior Lebanese officials involved in the negotiations, the well-informed site underscored that “The deal that energy coordinator Amos Hochstein unveiled a few weeks ago in Beirut, one which apparently has ‘Israel’s’ blessing, falls far short of Lebanon’s minimum acceptable position.”

“Hochstein was assumed to be trusted by the ‘Israelis’ [he was born in ‘Israel’ and served in the ‘IDF’ in the early 1990s]. He was perceived positively by some of the main Lebanese actors as a foe of a former US envoy, Ambassador Frederic Hof, who had tabled a deal ten years before known as the “Hof Line” boundary that was widely seen in Lebanon as exceptionally unfair. And he came with a…

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