The Lions’ Den Promises the ‘Israeli’ Enemy with Astonishing, Tough Strikes


November 3, 2022

By Al-Ahed New

The Palestinian Lions’ Den resistance group promised the Zionist enemy that it will be astonished amid the blows dealt by the resistance fighters, and underlined that the enemy is delusional to think that the fire of the den has been extinguished.

In a statement published on Tuesday evening, the group mourned its heroic martyrs, and threatened the ‘Israeli’ occupation with shocking and fierce strikes, reminding it with the hundreds of casualties upon the assassination of Martyr Raed al-Karmi. “We will surprise you in Jenin, al-Khalil, Nablus, and Ramallah, and you will be shocked with the power of our strikes.”

“You are delusional, and all those who think that our fire has been extinguished are also delusional, we are an active volcano,” the statement went on to say.

As for the resistance fighters, whether from the Lions’ Den, other blessed resistance factions, or the lone…

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