Palestinian Injured After Losing Control of Vehicle at Checkpoint

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A Palestinian man was hospitalized early Saturday morning after he lost control of his vehicle at an Israeli flying (temporary) checkpoint and began hitting other cars with his vehicle.

According to local sources, the driver tried to pass cars on the right of the checkpoint to try to get past it without inspection. The Israeli police began shooting at him, but he drove past and lost control of his vehicle in the Lipta tunnel, striking another car.

He was taken to the hospital in serious condition, as was the female driver of the car he struck in the tunnel.

Israeli police claim they found a knife in the car. But there was no indication of any attempted attack on anyone with the knife.

The checkpoint was set up to allegedly search for stolen vehicles.

The identity of the driver has not yet been released.

(Source / 06.02.2023)

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Israeli hospital moves Palestinian woman after Israeli settler refuses to share room

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Palestinians wave Palestinian flags as they take part in the annual «March of Return», near the northern city of Umm al-Fahm, on May 9, 2019 (© QNN)

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- An Israeli hospital reportedly told a Palestinian woman who was going through labor to switch rooms last Tuesday after an Israeli settler objected to being hospitalized in the same maternity room.

The Palestinian woman, a resident of Nazareth in 1948-occupied Palestine, arrived at the Emek Medical Center in Afula town with her husband late on Tuesday night, according to The Jerusalem Post. She was told that the room assignment at the hospital was not “as per her request,” as she was asked to leave her room.

The couple made an attempt to convince the Israeli woman to let them stay in the room before finally giving up and leaving the room. They then transferred to a private room.

The husband…

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Israel: internal spy agency concerned by lone wolf Palestinian attacks

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Israeli forces make their way to the Aqbat Jabr Camp in Jericho, West Bank on February 4, 2023(© MEMO)

Israel’s General Security Service, Shin Bet, is concerned by lone wolf attacks by Palestinians who have no organisational or factional affiliations.

According to Israel’sChannel 12, Shin Bet expressed its concern after the attempted attack at Almog junction, south of Jericho in the occupied West Bank, on Saturday. The incident prompted the Israeli army to raid Aqabat Jaber refugee camp to search for suspects. Although the two main suspects were not arrested, a number were detained for their alleged assistance and even indirect involvement in the shooting.

Channel 12claimed that available intelligence indicates that the same cell had planned another attack on the main road from the Dead Sea to occupied Jerusalem. It described Saturday’s shooting as «unusual», mainly because it took place in daylight and not…

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Palestine appeals for help to save 9,000 cancer patients in Gaza

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Female cancer patients in the Gaza Strip go on hunger strike in protest of an Israeli decision not to allow them to travel through the Erez crossing to seek medical care in Israel [Mohammed Asad/Midle East Monitor]

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza yesterday called on the international community and human rights groups to increase efforts to enhance diagnostic and treatment services for thousands of cancer patients in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

«Around 9,000 cancer patients in Gaza are waiting for necessary treatment,» Health Ministry official Abdul Latif Al-Hajj said in a press conference.

«Gaza’s health system suffers from major gaps in health care for cancer patients, including early detection, diagnostic services, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment,» Al-Hajj said.

He appealed to the international community and human rights institutions «to assume their responsibilities and pressure Israel to allow the movement of patients to hospitals in Jerusalem and the West…

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100 Palestine families to be made homeless in Jerusalem under Ben-Gvir’s orders

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Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir gives a speech in West Jerusalem. [Saeed Qaq – Anadolu Agency]

Israeli media outlets yesterday reported that the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has ordered the Israeli police to prepare to demolish a residential building in occupied Jerusalem.

According to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation Kan, police are preparing to demolish a residential building in occupied East Jerusalem, on Ben-Gvir’s orders, with the deployment of 500 security officers. About 100 Palestinians live in the building. The channel reported that the implementation of the demolition order has been delayed for years for various reasons.

The channel quoted security officials who warned that the demolition could lead to violent confrontations in the area.

Jerusalemite sources stated that the building consists of four floors and is inhabited by 12 Palestinian families. It is in the Wadi Qaddum neighbourhood in the town of Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa…

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Israeli Soldiers Abduct Three Young Men In Jerusalem And Ramallah

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On Sunday, Israeli soldiers abducted three young men in Jerusalem and Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Media sources said the soldiers abducted two young people whose names remained unknown after stopping him at a military roadblock in east Jerusalem and taking them to an unknown destination.

The sources added that undercover soldiers infiltrated Beit Rima town, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and kidnapped a young man, Bilal Barghouthi, 21, from a coffeeshop.

Over the past several weeks, the army tried to abduct the young man several times by invading and ransacking his family’s home and abducting his father, brother, and some of his cousins to pressure him into surrendering.

In related news, an Israeli court sentenced a political prisoner, Zein Salama, from Anata town, north of Jerusalem, to three months in prison and a 6000 Shekels fine. Zein was abducted on December 25, 2022.


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Israeli Army & Settlers Colonize Palestinian Land in Deir Istiya

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In a small village near Salfit surrounded by five Israeli settlements, the olive farmers and villagers are once again facing an illegal seizure of more of their ancestral farmland by Israeli soldiers and colonizers.

On Sunday, the Israeli military notified Palestinian landowners in Deir Istiya that the military will be seizing 45 dunums of land in Deir Istiya. The army also issued notices to local landowners to stop the construction of eight facilities in the area.

The head of the Deir Istiya municipality, Moath Salman, said, “The occupation forces delivered a notice to seize 45 dunums of land belonging to the heirs of Mustafa Mansour from the town of Deir Istiya, in an area known as “Jabal al-Dib” north of the town, adjacent to the “Emmanuel” settlement established on the citizens’ lands.

Local nonviolent activist Nathmi Salman said the colonizers from Havat Yair illegal colony invaded the Palestinian lands and…

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Updated: “Israeli Soldiers Abduct Twenty-Five Palestinians In West Bank”

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Updated: Earlier Monday, Israeli soldiers abducted twenty-five Palestinians, including siblings, from several parts of the occupied West Bank after the army stormed and ransacked dozens of homes.

In Jericho, in the northeastern West Bank, the soldiers abducted eight Palestinians, including siblings identified as Shaker Amarna, Mohammad Riyad Oweidat, Abdul-Hafeth Fakhr Oweidat, Fakhr Abdul-Hafeth Oweidat, and his brother, Mohammad, Mohammad Riyad Oweidat, Ehab Mohammad Hmeidat and his brother Ahmad.

The eight were taken prisoner in a military offensive in the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, where the army alsokilled five Palestinians, including siblings, and injured many others.

In Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded and searched several homes in the governorate and abducted Sanad Amjad Taqatqa from Beit Fajjar town, south of the city, Mustafa Jamal Al-Badan 22, from Tuqu’ town, southeast of the city, and Ahmad Nasser Asakra, 25, from Asakra area, east of Bethlehem.


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Israeli Army Injures Six Palestinians In Jericho

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On Monday dawn, Israeli soldiers shot three Palestinians with live fire and caused at least three to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation after the army invaded the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho, in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank.

Many army jeeps surrounded the refugee camp before invading it, leading to protests, before firing many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said the soldiers shot three young men with live fire in the legs and caused at least three to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The PRCS added that the soldiers obstructed the work of its medics and attacked one of its ambulances while trying to prevent it from entering the refugee camp.

The soldiers also stormed, ransacked several homes in the refugee camp, and abducted a few Palestinians; one was identified as Shaker…

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Israel Prepares To Demolish Residential Building Housing 100 Palestinians In Occupied Jerusalem  

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Israeli sources said that the Israeli police and the “City Council” in the occupied capital, Jerusalem, are preparing to demolish a residential building housing more than 100 Palestinians, including children, in Silwan town, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The sources said the building would likely be demolished on Tuesday or Wednesday, adding the destruction could take up to 24 hours.

The four-story building houses twelve families of at least 100 Palestinians, who will be rendered homeless.

More than 500 police officers and soldiers will demolish the property and encircle the entire area after receiving the green light from the fanatic, right-wing “National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir of the extremist, anti-Palestinian, “Jewish Power Party.”

Israeli sources quoted the Jerusalem Municipality claiming that it “routinely demolishes houses under the provision of the law.”

Israel delayed the demolition of the property for several years due to international pressure, but despite attempts by various world…

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