Zionist Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Home: Baby Martyred, 4 Injured


Local Editor

Zionist Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Home

An 18-month-old Palestinian baby was martyred and four family members were critically injured in a fire started by Zionist settlers in the West Bank, Palestinian security officials said Friday.

Four settlers set a house on fire at the entrance of a Palestinian village,  near the northern city of Nablus , and scrawled graffiti on a wall before fleeing to a neighboring settlement, the sources said.

The Israeli occupation military said two homes had been set ablaze, killing a child, Ali Saad Dawabsha, and four family members wounded. It added that the graffiti had been written in Hebrew.

The military and army radio said two homes had been set ablaze by two masked men, with the child killed and four family members wounded.

Palestinian sources said those wounded included the toddler’s parents — mother Riham, 26, and father Saad — as well as four-year-old brother Ahmed.

The mother was…

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